project details
  • client Gaspix
  • date 2015

Amethyst is a Multipurpose PSD Template designed to help a small, inner network of web designers and developers that were searching for quick solutions when creating sites designs. Therefore, these could be found on my personal design blog. What started as a passion project shortly turned into a quite useful tool for a large group of users that generated over 500 downloads in about 6 months. Though the blog does not exist anymore, it was a good resource for those that were looking for designs at that point in time.

Design Challenges

The first challenge was to anticipate the needs of a creator in the process of building their site. My goal was to offer all the essential pages, add a variety of options for them and a bit beyond that like sliders, progress bars, tabs, accordions, team representation, etc.

Design Solutions

I started by designing the basic pages for any website like home, about, services, portfolio, contact, etc. Then expanded to more variations for websites that practice e-commerce, blogging or sites that provide services. In order to increase the level of customizations, I also created a multitude of templates for each individual type of page and sections. Lastly, everything was adapted to the tablet and mobile versions.