project details
  • client Darwin
  • date 2016

Darwin is the largest gadget and electronics retailer in Moldova. Considering that in Moldova online shopping is not a popular choice, with my help we could renovate the website and increase the online sales to match the in store numbers. With these revisions, the effectiveness and overall aesthetic of the site would improve.

Design Challenges

This proved to be a challenging project because I had to modernize an older site and rethink certain sections that were showing a low performance when it came to user attention. I also updated the mobile and tablet versions when redesigning the website.

The focus was kept on two main aspects: the product page – which had to be more attractive in terms of sales, and on highlighting the immense amount of diverse products the retailer had to offer.


Page structure

Digital wireframe

Custo icons for site menu


Design Solutions

In order to increase the usage of the less accessed categories, I created a “discover” section directly under the slider at the top of the home page.

Furthermore, on a product’s page, I embedded links to similar products but with a variety of specifications to show more options.

To give users better time management options while browsing the product’s details, I added a condensed product summary as well as a full product description. This revision cut out the issue of time limitations without sacrificing details.

In addition, at the bottom of the page similar products are now displayed in a more clearer manner emphasizing the most important characteristics of the product, giving the users a helping tool to compare alike products.

The category page was renovated to offer two types of listings, a standard grid with the focus on the photos and the price, and a title list with emphasis on the product’s specifications. This allows users to view details without clicking on each product individually.

In conclusion, multiple internal pages such as careers, contacts and online stores etc. were redesigned in order to improve the overall user experience.

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