project details
  • client DevelopmentAid
  • date 2018 (in progress)

I have been leading the redesign process for the website of DevelopmentAid, a leading membership organization providing comprehensive information services for the international development sector. The original site, though perhaps modern in its day, was incredibly dated and in need of a makeover, both from a user interface and user experience perspective.

Design Challenges

A big challenge of this project was the client requirement to apply the new visual design, not radically, but step by step so that users could accept the new UI accordingly. As a result, it was quite difficult to keep the old and new elements on the same page, but nonetheless to maintain that page as a consistent one.

The next thing was to bring a new aspect to the pages that have lack of visual elements. For example, the home page and the pages that sell services, in the old version of the site they contained only the information text.

Another issue to solve was to analyze and therefore to redesign the same pages of the website from two different perspectives applicable for each of the two target groups of users. The first group – experts, those that are in search for job offers; the second group – organizations, those that post job offers and are looking for tenders. Each of the mentioned group has several types of memberships, according to which users can have different rights and access to dissimilar functionality on the website.

Wireframe sketches


Design Solutions

This project has been a full top-to-bottom overhaul starting with redesigning the site’s information architecture and sitemap, as well as a UI redesign and streamlining of its UX and user flows. The new structure of the site also implied the arrangement of the elements over the entire width of the screen so that the content could be displayed as much as possible.

Users workflow

Custom icon


Home Page

The main purpose of redesigning this page was to make the company and its main services as attractive as possible. At the moment, the home page has limited functionality. According to the analytics, 75% of new users access this page. I have presented the main pillars of the company’s activity that represent experts, organizations and funding agencies, as well as other key pages such as news and events pages.

Old version of the page


Membership Page

For this page, I have modified the presentation of membership types from tables into cards in order to be studied and understood more easily. It was also added the FAQ section that is going to contain the most common questions that the support team receives. I’ve also visually streamlined the slider with testimonials, it’s easier to read a comment at a time.

Old version of the page


Expert Page

On the Expert page, I modified the structure of the blocks to make it easier to get acquainted with the selected candidate. I’ve added new sections like Similar Experts and comments for the companies who have access to this page.

Old version of the page


Search Results

Here again, I’ve changed the table layout into the card table to visually download the search results and thus make it easier to distinguish the highlighted results. On some other pages, the information on the cards was also rearranged accordingly.

Old version of the page


User Profile

In order to transform it into a real profile page, the Expert page has been modified significantly. All information that is added to the site by the user like a photo, about, details, CV is presented in an understandable and easily editable manner.

Old version of the page


CV Tailoring

This is an additional service offered to experts, which is currently only presented in the form of text. For ease of comprehension, I divided the page into blocks and added other items such as illustrations, icons, price tables. I also modified the purchase process that currently doesn’t exist online, but is executed by email request to the company’s representatives. Thus I introduced the online purchase cart in which the user adds the necessary information and purchases the service independently.

Old version of the page